Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snow Day

Well, not all snow, there's a lot of ice, too. Enough to shut the schools, but not enough to call off work. The county...

It took me 20 minutes to get into my own car yesterday after work because of the buildup of ice. The window was solid and I couldn't find the ice scraper. I used my keychain, which had a little cutting tool and then turned on the heat. I cut my finger in the process when it scraped itself across a sharp icy spot. I didn't feel it until I saw the blood, running down my hand. The cold kept me from feeling it.

I got a band aid and cleaned it up when I picked Jack up a daycare a few minutes later.

This morning, I went out the front and took a few pictures. Of course, the dog loved it! She didn't like i when I asked her to sit, so she has that "poor me" look on her sad face when I took the picture.

The ice is not too thick to cause power outages and other stuff. It is starting to melt on the streets, but not on the cars or the sidewalks. They treated the streets last night and early this morning, so they are in decent shape, but with ice, you never know just where its frozen and where its melted, so I am not risking my boy, my car and my self just to go in to work. I can do some teleworking today and get in a few hours, at least.

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