Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Super Bowl Sunday

We were invited over to Auntie Barb and Auntie Val's for the Super Bowl. Barb just got a new 52 inch LCD, High-Def TV and this was the perfect opportunity to show it off.

They also needed their Jack fix, too. We hadn't seen them since before Christmas.

Barb fixed some vegetarian lasagna and some other munchies for us and we played with Jack while watching the game. Not a bad game, by the way - no blowout like the first fourteen seconds made me think it was going to be.

We had a great time and Barb and Val got a kick out of seeing Jack.

Val and Barb also got Jack two puppets (a frog and a cow) that make sounds - he likes them alot and loves it when they "talk" to him. Thank you Val and Barb!

BTW - the TV was amazing.

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