Sunday, March 20, 2011

Turning Over (and over)

This is crazy. Last night she was all kinds of excited, turning over and over every few minutes. I picked up my phone and shot this and captured her doing flops and flips;



Just found a new restaurant for sushi this weekend, Arigatos. We went there Friday for dinner and it was great, a little expensive but good. I had sushi and Kate had the Tempura box with veggies. Jack had fries, yes, they have fries.

He also had an orange for dessert.

We have been eating out a lot lately, I think we are trying to get it in before the baby arrives because then we will be spending a good amount of time at home for a few months and "cacoon".

St. Patrick's Day

I shot this in the cafeteria at work, what a strange place the world turns into when its St. Patrick's Day, everything turns green and out of perspective...

I saw a shirt a guy was wearing that said, "Let's Get Sheen-Faced!"

Which leads me to the best one-liner I have heard in a while; How much coke did Charlie Sheen do? Enough to kill Two and a Half Men.

I See Youuuuu

Kate got some wrist bands and gave them to Jack, he has broken nearly all of them. But before he did, he walked over to me and gave me an, "I Seeeee Youuuuuu."

Flippin' Pizza

The next day we went to Flippin' Pizza in Chantilly because Ellie wanted to see the guy flip the pizza dough like on TV. We go to Flippin Pizza whenever we can because they have great pizza, real new york style pizza that tatses authentic, not like Dominos or Pizza Hut pizza, the real stuff. We used to go tot Victors in Springfield when I was a kid and that was the standard, now its Flippin Pizza so they have earned my business.

Ellie giving her best "Cutie Face". She knows how to work a camera.

We went to Milwaukee's Frozen Custard in the same strip mall and on the way the kids held hands so they would be safer together. Isn't that a cute pic?

I think I gained five pounds that weekend.

Our Trip to the Japanese Steak House

When I was little, my parents took us to a Japanese Steak House (Benihana) and it was a treat, seeing the show and getting fed cool new food, everything was big and fun.

So while the kids were here, we decided to go out on Saturday night to a Japanese Steak House over by University Mall. Kate and I had been there before but just had sushi and salads before catching a movie (The Social Network) for a few bucks.

Ready to see the show.

So we got there and had our own table since we had three adults and three kids. So we didn't have to compete or worry about anyone acting up too much. The kids liked their chop sticks and the staff was great about how they treated their customers, very good service.

My little clown

It was a show, the favorite trick was the Volcano, whee they break up an onion and stack it so that there is a hallow center and fill it with some oil and light it so that the flame is now coming out of the top. What a show!

I think just being around each other makes them happy, but add in the fun of a big show at dinner and kids just eat it up, I think we created a cool memory for them just like when I was taken to a Japanese Steak House and still remember it.

Did they have a good time?

The Cousins Visit

Kate's sister was here last week and brought her two kids, Ellie and Nate. Of course Jack was excited to see his cousins and had a great time with them. Saturday they began the day by watching cartoons.

Here they are after they got dressed. Ab and Kate went out so I had the kids for a few hours. When they got whiney and tired of each other I let them watch a YouTube movie of their choice of Disney material (Cartoon shorts starring Donald, Pluto or Mickey).

Teeny Washing Machine

We went to Home Depot to look at flooring for upstairs and while we were there we went by the appliances and saw a teeny-tiny washing machine that they had set up so you could see how it works. It looks like it was made for Barbie (like she would ever be caught doing laundry).

Here it is in action:

Thin Mints Packaging

So Girl Scouts, what is up with the packaging staying the same size but less cookies? You could fit in almost 50% more cookies into your box of Thin Mints as you can see by the picture. Maybe next year you could adopt a new packaging so that its more like the Samoas where they have only fit 15 cookies in the same size box. Don't they know it makes people feel like pigs when they have to order more boxes? Up the price but give us more with a big fat sticker on the front saying you've stuffed the box with 30% more.

Must Be Picture Day

You know its picture day when you come in and every kid is wearing their Sunday best. Ties, slacks, not jeans, leather and not tennis shoes and the hair is perfect and straight, no "bed head" to be found. Squeaky-clean.

Thursday, March 17, 2011


One of the cool projects that the kids at child care have been working on is building things with boxes, including an ambulance and now a firetruck, including a ladder.

Here it is, fully painted and shown off by Jack.

Jack's New Hat

Grandma go him a hat from myrtle beach. She went on a trip with her two sisters for a visit and gave Reet a hat to bring back to Jack. He put it on and I snapped a picture for her. Thanks for the hat, Grandma.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Train Wreck That is The Redskins Calender

I got a Redskins calender for Christmas by one of my workmates. She knows that I love the Skins, so she got me the official Redskin calender.

The Cover, featuring Clinton Portis, who was let go from the team last week and the perfect symbol for the calender that truly is a train wreck. Of course he was let go, he is almost 30 (very old for a running back) and was due nearly 6 million if he wasn't cut. The Redskins marketing knew this but decided to put him on the front cover knowing that he wouldn't be on the team for the 2011-12 season. Brilliant.

So who should they put on the front cover, the most highly-paid football player in the history of the game, (Fat) Albert Haynesworth? Nawwwww, put him in January.

It gets better. Each month has a trivia question at the bottom of the page. For March the question is: Which Redskin lineman made the pro bowl four consecutive seasons beginning in 1997? The answer is Charles Mann, but of course, he played for the Redskins and made four consecutive Pro Bowls beginning in 1987.

Way to go, Danny, it seems that everything you touch turns to poop when it comes to the Redskins, the Calender being another jewel in your crown of mediocrity.

Digital Display

One of 12 Digital Displays were installed at our branches this past week. I am responsible for designing the slides and populating them with their initial content. At Kings Park I populated the display with slides that have a bunch of marketing information on them, this one announcing our new iPhone app that allows customers to put books on hold, renew books checked out, look up hours and directions and our branch phone numbers. Your Library, leaping into the 21st century!

Congratulations to Ally and Her Basketball Team

Ally, one of the cousins, competed in the championship game last Saturday for the girls 11-13 and they won! Jack likes basketball, so he cheered really loud every basket and gave them lots of encouragement during the game. He really got into it.

Way to go, Ally!

Five Guys Fries

So when we were at Five Guys, we played with our food by spelling stuff with the fries (he is learning about letters and initially made a "J"), so I spelled out his name and took a picture.

The other weird thing is that the guy sitting right in front of us was wearing a Glock on his hip. He was not a Police Officer, he was a regular citizen who was exercising his 2nd amendment rights. In Virginia, we have a new law as of a few years ago called the "Open Carry" law which allows any citizen to carry their firearm out in the open as long as they have taken a course on gun safety and have no criminal background. It made me a bit uneasy and a few people gave the guy some looks that I noticed. Of course, nobody said a word to the guy (you gonna challenge him?), but there were a few looks between customers, it was a bit unnerving having my kid a few feet from a live firearm that a random dude had strapped to him. I guess not knowing this guys motivation for carrying a firearm in public is what makes me uncomfortable. Is our society really that unsafe these days?

Speaking of Star Wars

I got Jack a Clone Trooper helmet and gun at Toys R Us to make up for being the worst father in the world. Allow me to explain:

We were invited to a birthday party for one his playmates at the child care center, Vivian turned 5. They had the party on Saturday at a place called "House of Bouce", which is a warehouse that has a bunch of inflatable toys that kids jump in and on. Slides and other fun toys. They pretty much let the kids run wild and then treat them to pizza and cake, after they get their energy out. Like Chuck E Cheese, but with inflatable toys instead of video games.

A few weeks earlier we went to another party at a different but similar place called "Pump It Up", which does the exact same thing. So we leave on time and drive out to Pump It Up thinking that I was going to the right place, but it turns out that it was at a completely different place. Long story short, we missed the party and Jack cried because he missed it. I felt like crap for being such an idiot.

So I did what I could, explained to him how I was sorry and all that. I just couldn't get over the guilt of denying him the fun of seeing all his friends and missing the party - so we went out to Five Guys for a hamburger, his favorite place to eat and then I took him to Toys R Us and got him the helmet (it was half price at $20), so there was a silver lining to all that.

He certainly felt better, but boy did I feel like such a bad father for a day or two. Its more expensive to be a bad dad, so I learned my lesson on this. Oh, and also bring the invitation with you when you go and don't rely on your brain to remember stuff.

Darth Vader Cake

We went to a birthday party a few weeks ago where the party was Star Wars themed. Our friend has three boys and two of them had a birthday together, so she had a cool party for her kids with a bunch of kids running around. Kristin lives out just past the Fairfax County border in Prince William, out in the "Boonies".

I was really impressed with the cakes, her friend made them and they had some speakers put in them and they "talked" with prerecorded sayings in them. Darth said "Luke, I am your cake", hahahaha!

Kristin makes shirts and stuff, her web site is Here

She is full of funny blog posts and makes awesome shirts that are pity and fun, support her by buying a shirt!

Darth Vader and Jengo Fett cakes.

Air & Space Center Visit

We visited the Air & Space Center a few weekends ago and saw some amazing stuff. We are trying to see more of the great stuff that is right in our own back yard and expose Jack to all the cool stuff around here. We live a few miles away from a tourist mecca that is filled with thousands of things to do, with plenty of educational things to learn about.

Getting off the Metro, looking down Maryland Avenue, you can see the Capitol building a few blocks away. I used to work on this same block at my first real job, so I was very familiar with where I was and the right Metro stop.

Kate and Jack in front of one of the space capsule rockets (a Russian rocket). Kate is now 7 months pregnant and is popping out.

The actual "Spirit of St. Louis", which was the first plane to transit across the Atlantic, piloted by Charles Lindburgh.


A Scale model of the Space Shuttle, which landed today on its last flight and is now officially retired.

Inside the Air & Space Museum.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


I haven't been writing on the blog as much lately because I have been spending more time illustrating. Beginning January 1st, I started a blog called, where I post a doodle a day. Currently I am exploring a theme of monsters and taking that as far as my mind will allow me. I have been fairly good about posting one per day with the exception of that time we were all sick for a week, but I made up for it by posting many on one day.

Here are some of the doodles that I finished and redid i a vector format. The original doodles were all posted along with the vectorized doodles. I also added comments to some. If you are easily offended, just don' read them, They are stream of consciousness, much like the doodles, which give you a look into my creative, wacky side.

Fun With Boxes

Jack's day care always has fun and neat things to keep the kids entertained and educated. The latest development is taking their environment and remaking it by using boxes. They built a city out of boxes complete with garages, homes, banks, firehouses, police stations and hospitals.

This week they made an ambulance out of boxes, painted it, decorated it and even came up with lights. I took a picture so you could see what I am talking about. It even had doctors supplies in the back, where you could climb in.

Spring May Be Here

This is the annual rite of Spring - the Krokus shot. WHere the Krokus bulbs bust out and show us the first color of Spring. I noticed this Friday and took this picture. Shouldn't be long now...