Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Five Guys Fries

So when we were at Five Guys, we played with our food by spelling stuff with the fries (he is learning about letters and initially made a "J"), so I spelled out his name and took a picture.

The other weird thing is that the guy sitting right in front of us was wearing a Glock on his hip. He was not a Police Officer, he was a regular citizen who was exercising his 2nd amendment rights. In Virginia, we have a new law as of a few years ago called the "Open Carry" law which allows any citizen to carry their firearm out in the open as long as they have taken a course on gun safety and have no criminal background. It made me a bit uneasy and a few people gave the guy some looks that I noticed. Of course, nobody said a word to the guy (you gonna challenge him?), but there were a few looks between customers, it was a bit unnerving having my kid a few feet from a live firearm that a random dude had strapped to him. I guess not knowing this guys motivation for carrying a firearm in public is what makes me uncomfortable. Is our society really that unsafe these days?

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