Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Air & Space Center Visit

We visited the Air & Space Center a few weekends ago and saw some amazing stuff. We are trying to see more of the great stuff that is right in our own back yard and expose Jack to all the cool stuff around here. We live a few miles away from a tourist mecca that is filled with thousands of things to do, with plenty of educational things to learn about.

Getting off the Metro, looking down Maryland Avenue, you can see the Capitol building a few blocks away. I used to work on this same block at my first real job, so I was very familiar with where I was and the right Metro stop.

Kate and Jack in front of one of the space capsule rockets (a Russian rocket). Kate is now 7 months pregnant and is popping out.

The actual "Spirit of St. Louis", which was the first plane to transit across the Atlantic, piloted by Charles Lindburgh.


A Scale model of the Space Shuttle, which landed today on its last flight and is now officially retired.

Inside the Air & Space Museum.

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