Sunday, March 20, 2011

Our Trip to the Japanese Steak House

When I was little, my parents took us to a Japanese Steak House (Benihana) and it was a treat, seeing the show and getting fed cool new food, everything was big and fun.

So while the kids were here, we decided to go out on Saturday night to a Japanese Steak House over by University Mall. Kate and I had been there before but just had sushi and salads before catching a movie (The Social Network) for a few bucks.

Ready to see the show.

So we got there and had our own table since we had three adults and three kids. So we didn't have to compete or worry about anyone acting up too much. The kids liked their chop sticks and the staff was great about how they treated their customers, very good service.

My little clown

It was a show, the favorite trick was the Volcano, whee they break up an onion and stack it so that there is a hallow center and fill it with some oil and light it so that the flame is now coming out of the top. What a show!

I think just being around each other makes them happy, but add in the fun of a big show at dinner and kids just eat it up, I think we created a cool memory for them just like when I was taken to a Japanese Steak House and still remember it.

Did they have a good time?

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