Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Speaking of Star Wars

I got Jack a Clone Trooper helmet and gun at Toys R Us to make up for being the worst father in the world. Allow me to explain:

We were invited to a birthday party for one his playmates at the child care center, Vivian turned 5. They had the party on Saturday at a place called "House of Bouce", which is a warehouse that has a bunch of inflatable toys that kids jump in and on. Slides and other fun toys. They pretty much let the kids run wild and then treat them to pizza and cake, after they get their energy out. Like Chuck E Cheese, but with inflatable toys instead of video games.

A few weeks earlier we went to another party at a different but similar place called "Pump It Up", which does the exact same thing. So we leave on time and drive out to Pump It Up thinking that I was going to the right place, but it turns out that it was at a completely different place. Long story short, we missed the party and Jack cried because he missed it. I felt like crap for being such an idiot.

So I did what I could, explained to him how I was sorry and all that. I just couldn't get over the guilt of denying him the fun of seeing all his friends and missing the party - so we went out to Five Guys for a hamburger, his favorite place to eat and then I took him to Toys R Us and got him the helmet (it was half price at $20), so there was a silver lining to all that.

He certainly felt better, but boy did I feel like such a bad father for a day or two. Its more expensive to be a bad dad, so I learned my lesson on this. Oh, and also bring the invitation with you when you go and don't rely on your brain to remember stuff.

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