Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving (Atlanta) Part 2

On Monday, we went into Atlanta and visited the Aquarium and the Coca-Cola Museum. Both of them great attractions for tourists such as ourselves.

The Atlanta skyline with overcast clouds.

The Baby Beluga Whales at the Atlanta Aquarium. These were on loan from another Aquarium and so the Atlanta Aquarium got a few younger ones just the day before. Lucky us, we were some of the first to see them.

The Aquarium has many places that you can climb on if you wish, so the boys found a few places they could climb and view the fish.

A rescued Sea Turtle.

Papajohn and the boys at the Aquarium.

A Lionfish at the Aquarium.

The Bubble-Boys (Jacob and Joshua) at the Aquarium.

A Swordfish at the Aquarium.

At one place in the Aquarium, there is a walk-through tunnel where the fish swim over you. It also has a moving walkway so you can stand in place and it will carry you through the whole way. Its really an amazing place to watch these fish swim over you, just feet away from the top of your head. I got a good movie of the young whale shark swim over.

As you walk in, there is a large pool that is open that has a dozen small rays swimming in it along with a baby hammerhead shark or two. You are invited to reach in and pet them (with two fingers) and feel the difference between the two animals. The rays have a silky texture and the shark is more like wet sandpaper.

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