Thursday, November 11, 2010

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Since it was Veteran's Day, Jack and I had the day off. Kate reminded me in the morning to get out and do something, maybe a quick trip or go to the park since it was going to be a nice day. I decided that we would ride the Metro in to the Airport so Jack could ride the train and see the airplanes while we had lunch.

Turned out to be a good time, the Metro wasn't crowded and neither was the Airport. Lunch was good as well (burgers).

We parked at the Metro lot garage (which was free today) and hopped on the train, rode it to Rosslyn and switched to the blue line to the Airport. Walked across the hall and we were in the main terminal - bing, bang, boom.

Watched a few planes, one of which was the Philadelphia Eagles plane which, for some reason, had stopped over at National. They play here Monday night, so I didn't know why they would have their plane here, maybe to drop off some stuff? Who knows. Its a hop, skip and jump to Philly, so I am not sure why they would go for such a short trip this early.

We had lunch at TGI Fridays and the burgers were excellent, Jack ate everything on his plate, nothing was left. I think he is gearing up to go through another growth spirt here shortly.

We watched a few more planes and then headed back. The Metro ride was just as much fun back, we switched the lines again and then rode it all the way to Vienna (last stop).

Jack liked his day out and so did I as well. Cheap fun. We got to see Planes, Trains and Automobiles.

Hyped-Up for the train ride outside Vienna Metro station.

The overpass walkway at Vienna where you can watch the cars go underneath.

(Reagan) National Airport's main terminal.

Jack at Fridays, enjoying the view, pointing out every plane that took off.

Jack in the Terminal in front of the Eagles plane.

Waiting for the train at the Airport (not long).

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