Monday, November 1, 2010

Chantilly Football Games

The Friday before last, we attended the Chantilly Football game with Bill and Theresa because Colleen, their oldest, is in the band and it was one of the last opportunities to get to see her play for the season.

Well, we had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the game, which went down to the last 30 seconds and after a late field goal, the Chargers won. A close game.

The band was great as well, it was hard to spot Colleen with every kid on the field dressed exactly the same. Its hard to tell the boys from the girls in those uniforms, let alone a family member from some shlub with a clarinet.

Jack loved it, he likes watching football, so the next week, just me and him went to the game and met up with Jim, Reet Bill and Theresa to watch Colleen in the final home performance for the Chargers Marching band for this season.

Jack and Bill, watching the game.

I took this with my iPhone from the stands, can't spot her can you? Of course you can't, you don't know what she looks like!

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