Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving (Atlanta) Part 1

We traveled down to Atlanta for the first part of our Thanksgiving vacation to see Karen, the boys and my Mom and Dad. We got there the night before Mom and Dad, so we went to the Mall of Georgia and had dinner at a Mexican Restaurant. The Mall was , of course, crowded with youths all looking for each other, but too shy to actually talk to each other. The food was good and we go a chance to catch up a bit.

Me and Karen in front of the big tree at the Mall of Georgia.

We stopped off at the Carousel at the Mall and watched the kids. Jack didn't want to ride, even when we asked, so we just watched.

On the way down to Atlanta, we passed the big Peach in Gaston, which is in South Carolina. I still laugh at that little thing that hangs off of the bottom of the peach, which they included on the water tower version. I would have left that off and said it was artistic interpretation. I am going to find out what that thing is and report back.

We all had a great chance to bond after not seeing each other for a year. Mom looked great and Dad did as well.
Dad and the Boys.

Josh and PapaJohn.

The second night, we all went out to Olive Garden for a big dinner. Mom (GG) and the boys at Olive Garden.

Jack and Jacob, sitting next to each other at the Olive Garden.

Jacob showing off his shirt I made for him (and his brother).

GG and Joshua.

GG and Jack, sharing a moment.

The boys bonded by playing Angry Birds.

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