Monday, November 1, 2010

The Rally

We had every intention of making the hike down to the Mall to watch the Rally to Restore Sanity on Saturday. Abbie, Jason, Ellie and Nate made the trip up the night before so they could attend with us. We got up relatively early, got the kids fed and packed everything we thought we would need. We started out and headed to get some cash from the ATM and then go to the Vienna Metro station.

Not even off of our street and we run into a wreck that happened a few minutes before. Looks like the crumple zones worked on that car. No ambulance was called, so the passenger(s) walked away fine.

We arrive at the Metro station after a few more traffic delays and after waiting in a looooong car line, we see that the line to get in is longer. So long, we decide to abandon the idea of going, since it would be hours to get into DC. We decided to go home and watch it on TV.

The line outside the Vienna Metro station.

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