Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Verizon Experience

We switched banks a few months ago and when we did that, we changed all of our billing for this when we made that switch over. That way, companies continue to get paid and we enjoy their service, such as Verizon and their FiOS.

The only problem is that Verizon has decided to not go along with this plan and keeps on asking the old Bank (Bank of America) for the funds to pay our FiOS bill, which Bank of America laughs and says, no, they don't have an account here anymore. Verizon decides to add that last months bill to this months bill and probably a hefty late fee charge.

So, since we signed up for this FiOS service at the Fair Oaks Mall Verizon Experience store, we decided to go back there and check with them on our billing. Maybe make a change so they can get their money and we continue to enjoy FiOS and our home phone service.

We walk in and there are people all over the place. Two guys manning the front desk. He tells someone that we ave a billing question and within a minute a young guy comes up and directs us to the very back of the store. He quickly determines that we do not have cell phones with Verizon and says he can't help, we need to talk to someone in their billing department.

We walk to a small stall in the middle of the store and meet an older man who asks us for our phone number to determine our account. He gets a text message on his phone and picks it up, reads it while we are standing there. I am thinking that this is a little rude, to stop helping a customer so he can read a text message. I mumble to Kate "Can you believe this?", but she has faith in that this guy can help us. He does not look the least bit interested in helping us.

He says he can't do anything about it and that we should call Verizon Billing on Monday since they are closed on weekends. I ask why they can't do anything about it here at the store where we signed up. He replies that its a long story. He gets another text message and he reads it instead of listening to us. (I mouth to Kate, "Can you believe this?" again)

The guy says, "Well, they're Union". Like we know all about this or something. He continues that they once had that power, but Corporate took that function away and now customers have to call in Monday through Friday to Verizon Billing. He seemed somewhat frustrated over this, but he seemed more interested in his text messages.

We shall call Verizon billing and get this all figured out, I hope.

To Be Continued...

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