Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cigarette Chuckers

So, maybe you notice that I post a lot of stuff about people while I'm at a light. Its because I am waiting and I notice the stuff around me and the general disarray of those that I share the road.

Every few dozen times when I am at a light, I will inevitably see some asshole with his arm out the window, sharing his cigarette smoke with those around him. He will usually drop it. I have seen it enough that I can almost predict when he/she will do it. Its not hard, if the cigarette is getting low, its only a matter of time before they drop it, sometimes slyly, sometimes chucking it.

When I was at a light today I noticed a guy doing this behavior and decided to record a short blip and sure enough, he did not disappoint.

A little reminder; Virginia passed a law a few years back which reclassifies cigarettes as "Trash" and when throwing trash from a vehicle on a state highway, that fine is $700.

So a word of warning to all those self-hating assholes that feel the general public street is their own personal trash can. If you think BUYING cigarettes has gotten to be expensive, imagine how expensive throwing them away could be. Virginia State Police could close the budget gap if they decided to pay attention and just hang out at stop lights every once in a while.

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