Sunday, September 26, 2010

Stink Bugs

When I went to pick up Jack at Daycare, these guys were all over the windows outside, looking for a way in. They are horrible fliers, too. They will fly right into you and bounce off. No Asian driver jokes, please.

Here's one that fell to the floor up stairs.I flushed him - he had a burial at sea.

So these stink bugs (or shield bugs) have been here for a while. Apparently back in the late nineties, a pregnant one hitched a ride on one of the many Chinese freighters that drops off the latest plastic crap for your local WalMart and thought it would be nice to stay for a while. Procreate a few million more times and, without any natural predators, they have proliferated in this area.

If you squish them or threaten them, they emit this stink that is as close to what the devils ass must smell like. They should be called skunk bugs because they behave exactly like skunks.

They are everywhere and nowhere. Since it is starting to get a little colder out at night, they are trying to find their way into every crevice and crack they can find into your nice, warm home, car or structure so they can lay eggs and repeat their life cycle.

Thank god the dog or cat hasn't decided to show any interest in these guys and hunt them, they would quickly find that they are nasty.

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