Tuesday, September 28, 2010


We don't watch movies that much, because we can't agree on what to watch. Kate is a sucker for the Rom-Com (Romantic Comedy) and I like just about everything else. So our options are a bit narrow. You can only watch When Harry Met Sally so many times, you know?

So we gave up Netflix fo a while and then they came up with a new service that allows you to stream stuff straight to your computer. Its awesome. We stream (usually TV shows) like Californacation, The IT Crowd or Entourage, meanwhile, we still get a DVD sent to us as well, like some other show we have been meaning to watch.

I streamed Iron Man for Jack a few weeks ago and loved it. Jack, not so much, he is more of a Kid-Com kinda guy. Anything that is cartoon and he becomes the television. Mouth goes open and I swear I saw him drool one time.

Anyway, Netflix is cool, so if you miss the old Blockbuster, give them a try.

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