Sunday, September 26, 2010

Iron Man

Jack has become somewhat obsessive about Iron Man, the movie. even though he has only seen about ten minutes of the original movie. And they say advertising doesn't work.

He started mentioning it a few weeks ago, so I decided to see if it was streamable on Netflix, which is so cool, by the way.

I got it and we decided to watch it, but he is just like Kate and detests any entertainment that is stressful in the least. Kate gets stressed out over any type of movie that has action or thrills, it makes her nervous and Jack is the same way. Kate likes to drive fast, but a movie that involves any sort of excitement and she is out. So it wasn't a big surprise when Jack thought that after the first 15 minutes of Iron Man, he didn't want to see any more.

He did express some interest in an Iron Man toy figure, so he got that and he decided this year for Halloween that he would be the Iron Man (militarized version) that Tony Stark's best friend wears in Iron Man 2.

Here he is in his costume, which turned out to fit him perfectly. Hope he doesn't grow any in a month and a half.

Jack Posing as Iron Man.

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Anonymous said...

Nate is obsessed with Iron Man too. We watch the Iron Man cartoons on netflix streaming, but I don't let him watch the 'real' movie. He also looooves transformers and is obsessed with "bumblebee" even though he has only seen about 10 minutes of the transformers movie.