Monday, June 15, 2009

Um, Ma'am, You Dropped Something...

We went to Noodle for dinner tonight because Jack and me loooooove to go there, its fairly economical and its relatively healthy food (The magic food trifecta)

After that we stopped by Starbucks so Kate could get her fix. As we were walking out we crossed the parking lot and a woman was walking from the Walgreens toward us. She dropped a wadded up piece of paper, I thought it was a napkin, but it was a receipt. We both spotted it and said, almost in unison, "you dropped something", to which she stopped, looked down and then kept walking. She walked past us and said "Oh, that's OK", dismissingly.

Kate said, "but that's littering", but by this time the lady was several steps away and she turned and said something belligerent but I couldn't really make out what it was, but it was like, .."really, who cares"?

I said I would just keep it, it probably has some interesting financial information on it to which did make her stop for a second.

People are Ass-Hats, sometimes.

I read the receipt and it did make some interesting reading. The first two products she purchased were 3 "W PRM DIAP SZ5 26S 1A" (Womens Adult Diapers) and 1 bottle of "LSTRN GOLD 8.5OZ (Listerine Mouthwash).

This woman was approximately 40-45, Brunette with shoulder-length hair and maybe 150 pounds. She also has bad breath and a weak bladder, but maybe I just read too much into this.

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snowelf said...

Johnny, you just crack me up! :)