Saturday, June 20, 2009

The New Coupon Booklets Are Here!

The Summer Reading Program (SRP) is a huge deal for the Library each year. It was developed to provide incentives for kids to read over the summer, when school is out. We also have special programs like animal shows, science entertainment programs and even a drawing program
(yes, that one is mine).

The coupon booklet is a key component in this because it is given to those who sign up for the SRP and read 10 books (for teens) or 15 books for those 12 and below. It sounds like a lot, but it isn't. Any book will do. You can even read to your kid if they can't and that counts as well. We read two books each night before bed each night, so I will make the quota pretty quick.

The coupon booklet has coupons for a free ice cream cone, $5 off at any Book sale, Coupon for Borders Books, Free tickets to a DC United and Potomac Nats game and many more.

I made the coupon booklet and the Calendar as well and we printed at least 45,000 copies this year and another 35,000 of the booklet.We also had to create and print the book logs I am just glad that the printing part is over and now I can concentrate on something else at work.

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