Sunday, June 21, 2009

Good Visit

Karen came into town and stayed for the weekend, it was good to see my sis again. How many times did we go to Starbucks this weekend? Too many or not enough, depending upon who you ask. I did get to go to "Rosemary & Thyme", which has some pretty decent pizza, so I will have to keep that one in the mental rolodex for artisian wood-fired pizza.

Spent some time throwing the ball with the dog in the back yard and trying to get the boy to hit the baseball, he's getting closer to actually holding the bat and taking a swing, but likes to act like a pitcher more.

The Courtyard Marriott is niiiiiiice. We went inside and they have this 50" screen that displays local restaurants, maps, weather info (all local) and you can touch the screen to zoom in or out. Kate says they have one at Headquarters an is hooked-in to the same thing. Why don't more hotels do cutting-edge stuff like this and be like Marriott? Cause they're not Marriott.

We got Karen into twitter and I think she may start using it. Before she was like, "I'm no twenty-something, besides, it looks stupid". Ten minutes later, she is open to the idea and another ten minutes later, she is signed-up and posting a tweet. Welcome to Web 2.0, Karen.

We tried to watch a movie, but the Netflix movie they sent couldn't get past the FBI warning and kept just playing it over and over. It was caught in a loop and just couldn't make it around that, which was frustrating because I have had this movie for the last four weeks, so its like I had something invested in finally getting around to watching it. Yes, I did take it out and polish it to make sure a stray hair wasn't on the disk causing to to loop. I even tried it in a different DVD player, to no avail. So maybe I don't need Netflix anymore.

BTW, The FiOS is up and working well as far as the TV goes. My computer is connected to the net (obviously), but I had to hard-wire it via ethernet instead of wireless since my computer is a bit old.

Enough about technology, Karen left today and flew back to Hotlanta, had to get back to the boys who I am sure, were missing her. The drive was easy considering we didn't run into any doofuses on the way there. (OK, on the way back I did see someone cross four lanes of traffic to make his exit, but that is almost par)

Had a great time with you, Karen, stop by and visit anytime, and bring the boys next time and we can do touristy stuff like the Washington Monument or the Zoo.

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