Saturday, June 20, 2009


We have some of the stupidest drivers around here, let me give you a few examples lately: last week I went to Wegmans to meet Kate for lunch and while walking through the parking lot, I see this. I don't have a problem with the guy parked on the right, its the guy on the left who initially fouled-up his parking and everyone else has to compensate for that one guy. Why not make a commitment and just take up both spaces instead of leaving just enough room to make it tempting to park? The lines on the ground are a guide, all you have to do is park in between them and you are good. Naw, some people just can't manage that simple instruction...

Example #2:
I went to Dulles Airport to pick up Karen on Thursday night. I went to hourly parking and meandered to get to the ticket machine, which spits out timed tickets so they know how long you were there and charge you accordingly. I just followed the signs to get there, no fewer than three separate signs directing you to the hourly parking. I am the fourth person in line to get a ticket and the girl up front in her Mini Cooper decides that, after making it all the way to the front, she doesn't want to go in hourly parking. Her reverse lights are on and she is waiting until four cars behind her back up so she can bail out. Everyone was much too nice to this dolt who couldn't follow some simple directions and now wants to bail out. I went to a different line and as I passed her, said thanks. I didn't stop to see how she was going to back up into oncoming traffic to get back to the turn-off point several hundred yards back. At least she was out of my way.

Example #3:
After I picked up Karen, we got to the car and headed off, we get to where you pay to get out and the I get into the cash line. The line does not move for almost ten minutes (I kid you not). I get out of the car to figure out what is the holdup. Its some guy in a white Range Rover (very expensive car) with the license plates "MR QTAR" who is filling out some paperwork. He apparently has no cash, no ID and no credit card. He also had no ticket. I would have called the police to checkout Mr Qtar since he was driving without a license, but I don't work there. He finally finished his business and we got to move along, but man, what is wrong with people these days?

My solutions? If you screw up, you are in the wrong lane or just plain ignored the signs, eat it. You made the mistake, don't make everyone else pay for it. Don't inconvenience your fellow drivers because you did something stupid and compound the problem. Just go through and find a way to turn around later. That's the great thing about driving, the roads are all connected, so rarely do you go somewhere where you can't turn around and go back.

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