Saturday, May 17, 2008

Mothers Day

We awoke Sunday morning to celebrate Mothers Day by making Kate breakfast. Nothing special, just french toast. We then let her go back to bed and sleep in for another two hours, cause momma was tard (tired). I also got her some trivets that were kind of fancy so she could hang them up in the kitchen and a Starbucks card, cause she loooooves the Starbucks. We are getting a new one put in about two blocks away that has a drive-thru in it, so Kate is pretty happy 'bout that.

Anyway, I digress. Later, we went to Reet and Jim's for dinner and some cake. All of the rest of the family was there, including little Joe and Beckett. Beckett is now standing (with a little help).

Jim made some good burgers and hot dogs and we had cake, too. Little Joe loves cake - loves it. When it was time for cake, he was front and center and ready to dig in. Jack is unusual in that he will usually turn over a cupcake and just eat the cake part and leave the icing. This time, he ate it all, icing too. I got some pics of that.


Beckett Standing!

The O'Brien clan celebrate Mother's Day:

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