Monday, May 12, 2008

Julie's Birthday

We went out to Mezza Luna in DC for dinner to celebrate Julie turning 32. The restaurant served the food tapas style, which is italian for hors 'devours. ha. It must have been a nice restaurant because they didn't serve Miller Lite, so I had a Blue Moon, because I just couldn't bring myself to drinking a Heineken.

I ordered some bruchetta and teriyaki beef strips and I sampled some shrimp too. I think we should go back because the service and the food was good.

I had never met most of the people at the table, but everyone was nice and seemed to have a good time. Kate S brought her new beau, named Patrick - nice guy, very down to earth and funny. Danielle is hilarious, she has an off-the-wall sense of humor so you know I could appreciate that.

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