Thursday, May 29, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend (Part 1)

We started our weekend by going to Lowe's and getting some new patio furniture, courtesy of the Gobamint check we got a few days before (Stimulus check).

As soon as we walked through the door, there was a charcoal grille that has wheels and folds up, but no price. I saw some guy that offered help and asked him what the price was, he looked, as I did, all around the box but to no avail. So he marked the number of the tag down and went off for a minute. He returns a few minutes later and says its $24.99 - Great, I'll take it!

We go and look for some patio furniture and come upon a deal for four chairs, a table and an umbrella for less than $250, so we get that. One of the other helpers says that a different umbrella costs the same ($65) and has a solar panels and lights in it, so we decide to get that umbrella.

Get to the front, they start ringing stuff up and the grill turns out to be $39, not $25 and the umbrella is $99 and not $65. This is a $50 difference total and Kate is not going to let this pass. We end up spending another fifteen minutes straightening this mess out and end up getting the original umbrella at a lower price.

Bottom line: the helpers at Lowe's in Chantilly are idiots. We walked away feeling good about the deal we got, but the help made us also feel like we couldn't trust the people that work there.

The Patio Set

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