Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trip to Charlotte: The Reception

The Quarry

The Barbeque

Kate and Jack

The Goodyears

Me and Jack dancing

Stephanie and Jack

Dinner and some of the best steak I have ever eaten

The Toast

The Cake-Cutting

The reception was at an old quarry which has been converted to a beautiful private park. Besides the view of the hillside that has been cut-away and the water that fills up the quarry hole, there is a stretch of lawn, a sandy area with a volleyball court and a open structure with party lights. There were drinks, shrimp, steaks, salmon fillets, roasted potatoes and other food which were prepared over the barbeque pits.

The cake was awesome and so were the brownies that were provided as an extra.

The weather was a little hot, but you couldn't ask for a clearer sky. It was a good evening to be out, I was also surprised by the absence of bugs.

I did see a few wild turkeys before we walked in. I don't know if they keep them there as pets or they just happened to be passing by. Weird.

Jack had a great time, there were other kids there and he played in the sand a lot. We all had a good time.

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