Friday, October 12, 2007

Meow, Bahhh and Neigh

Jack has been learning what animals sound like, so we quiz him periodically. We usually ask about what a kitty, a lamb, a dog, a horse, a cow or a duck sound like.

Yesterday, I was dressing him for the day and he was very chatty, so I quizzed him, He did a horse (Nay), a kitty (meow), a cow (moo) and a dog (wuf). I ask Kate to come in and witness the genius he is displaying and he just babbles, "blahbety-bom-bippy-bing".

So the next morning, I get the camera out and record this gem, he does a Kitty, a Lamb and a Horse, except he sounds kind of country and says "naaaaayyyyy".

He also says bye-bye at the end.


Abigail said...

That is SOOO CUTE! I can't get over how clearly he speaks! Ellie will say a few of those, but you'd need to hear them in context to decipher them. I think you have a genius baby! lol

Val said...

The Jackster just keeps getting more and more adorable! And, it's definitely time for some Auntie Val time for the little guy. She can't wait to teach him a few more "what does [???] say" lines...