Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Trip to Charlotte: Pig Roast

Veronica and Matt

Jack going after the balloons

Jack and his cup

Kate and Jack

Rustyn and Stephanie

Stephs Uncle and Johns girlfriend

Rustyn holding Jack

Steph and the pig (ewww)

Sean and Brian, Stephs step-brothers

Rustyns Dad and Anna eating dinner

Lucy, Rustyn's Dog in her Hoochie-Mama outfit

Matt's Parents

Molly (family friend) and Ken (Stephs Dad)

Anna, Brian's and Sara's child.

We spent the weekend in Charlotte for Stephanie and Rustyn's wedding. Stephanie is Kates college room mate. They live about 15 or 20 miles outside Charlotte and just bought a house that sits on about 6 acres along with a dozen other houses and farms all around.

It turned out to be a good dry run for our trip to Atlanta later this fall. Jack was a little fussy a few times, but he did good. I am learning new tricks to keep him occupied and otherwise happy.

We left friday and got there Friday evening just in time for dinner (japanese food). The next day we cleaned up a bit and got ready for the pig roast. Stephs sister, Veronica and her husband brought a pig roaster complete with pig and roasted it in the driveway.

We got to meet the rest of Stephs extended family as well as Rustyn's family, too.

Stephs father and his wife stayed at the house along with us. Ken and Polly live in upstate New York and raise Alpacas on their ranch.

It was a good party.

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