Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Its 2am, Do You Know Where Your Cat Is?

So our cat decided to wake us both out of a deep sleep to regurgitate something he had eaten several hours before.

Nothing fills your heart with panic at 2am when your cat begins to make that sound. I call it "The Windup". The delivery, of course, comes a few seconds later. He always seems to be standing over a rug or carpet, even though our house is mostly hardwood flooring.

So after cleaning up the mess, I went back to bed and tried to calm myself from the adrenaline that was released a few minutes earlier from the disturbance.

He's 17, how much longer can he keep this hobby going?

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Delsina said...

Ha, this happens about once a week. And it's usually ON the bed but I must deliver a swift (but gentle) kick to get the cat off. Than the dog has to come over and's a whole event that I won't share. Love the illustration!