Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Day at the Fair (and the Pony Ride)

We went to the Fall Fair in Old Town this weekend. Kathleen and Tino (grandma and grandpa) were up from South Carolina and went with us. Of course its politician season, so there were plenty of them there. There was a big fluffy Donkey, so I got a picture of me and Jack standing next to him/her. Jack was not too fond of the big donkey. It wouldn't be the only thing he was scared of that day.

We went straight to the kiddie rides and found the only one he could do was the pony ride, cause sticking him in one of those moon-bounce thingies to get trampled just didn't seem like fun.

He got on and decided to hold onto me, since I seemed more stable. He put up a little fight, but stayed with it. It was a short ride across the lawn of city hall, all of 1 minute. He smiled big when I lifted him off the pony.

Kate and Grandma K with Jack

Jack liked the Pad Thai Noodles and funnel cakes (minus the sugar)

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