Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Labor Day Weekend

For Labor Day Weekend we were invited to Ocean City, Maryland by our friends Randy and Theresa. Actually, Theresa's parents own the place and they said Theresa and Randy could use it that weekend, and they were nice enough to invite us. Thank you, Randy and Theresa!

It wasn't smooth sailing the whole time, we found out that Jack's patience runs short when he is cooped-up in a car for more than two hours at a time and expresses that easily. He did enjoy going across the Bay Bridge and likes water in general, as long as he doesn't have to stick more than his feet in.

We arrived Friday evening with Randy and Theresa due to arrive later that night. So we went out on the beach and tested the waters, so to speak. I brought along the camera and snapped a few of these shots of Jack's first beach experience.

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