Friday, September 21, 2007

John Wagner

A buddy that Kenny and I went to High School with passed away a few weeks ago.

September 11th he collapsed at work of a heart attack, he was 39.

John Wagner was a great guy, always fun to be around. I remember Kenny and I going fishing with him and we were competitive, so John ended up having to sit between us, he was a good peace-maker. I don't remember catching anything, but it was a good time. If it was just me and Kenny, one of would have ended up in the pond.

When John would tell the story he would bring up that while one of us was steering the boat, the other was "jockeying for position", and he said it in a way that only John could say.

The funeral was this last Monday. The service was at a small Catholic church and followed by the burial at a cemetery just off Braddock Road. The service was very nice, a good showing of family, friends and workmates, John was well-liked wherever he went.

At the service, I couldn't stop crying, it was very overwhelming, a whole life wrapped up into a few short moments. It was surreal.

I'll miss you, Wags.

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