Tuesday, September 4, 2007

The Boardwalk

At night we decided to go down to the Boardwalk and check out the freaks. Apparently Saturday night is when the "Hoochie-Mamas" come out and dress up for their prospective hoochie-babies daddy's. Well, we didn't see many hoochi-mamas, but we did see freaks; fat, skinny, redneck and gang-bangers, white, black, other, gay, straight, old, young, sloppy and neat. It was like a cross-cut of American culture.

I won Jack a stuffed tiger when we stopped to play one of those water gun shooter games. The kids next to us decided to be assholes and shoot the guy running the game instead of shooting the target. If that's the way you want to spend your 2 dollars, I guess it was worth it to them.

We walked by Ripley's Believe It or Not with the Shark sticking out of the building, went into a few shops and even saw the religious sand sculptures.

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Lauren said...

Dude...If you think there are hoochie mamas on the boardwalk, you should go there during bike week! We were there this weekend and...WOW. Too much skin on too many women who shouldn't be showing it!