Saturday, September 22, 2007

Interesting Tree

I was preparing the area for the new shed a few weeks ago in the back yard and cleared away some of the foliage that had been growing for the last twenty years when I happened upon this:

This tree grew around and through the fence, it starts on one side of the fence and ends up on the other side of the fence, and into the neighbors yard.

So whats the protocol on this? Is this my tree or does it belong to the neighbors?

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Anonymous said...

When the base of a tree is located on one side of the fence, whether the owner planted it or not belongs to said owner. Base on one side, limbs crossing over to opposite owner, still belongs to said owner where the base of tree starts. If a base of a tree is split down the middle of a fence line, both neighbors have to decide whether to keep or remove a tree. It's best to remove, so branches and leaves don't tangle in the overhead wires.