Friday, September 21, 2007

The 20th High School Reunion

The 20th High School reunion was last Saturday at the Sheraton in Tysons. I decided to go for several reasons, the foremost is the very serious realization that this will undoubtedly be the last time I will see some of these people. This dawned upon me when I heard about John Wagners untimely passing a few days before.

I thought that life is short and when you get the chance to look back, do it, especially when the memories are good. The high school years weren't the best years of my life, but there is a certain kinship that you have with these people, we are all about the same age and went through the same stuff at about the same time in our lives. That's an interesting dynamic, because where else could you ever force kids that have so little in common to interact every day for at least six years and twenty years later there is still that common bond.

Everyone asked about Kenny, especially when they would see my name tag. Some people recognized me right away and some it took a second. I realize now that in High school, the reson I knew so many people is because I was just a half of another. Kenny, my twin, knew a lot of people and so through him, I knew twice as many people.

I told everyone that Kenny lived in Oklahoma, was married and had three kids. I mentioned to a few that he was going to be on "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" at the end of the month, too.

I tried to remember to take a few pictures, but should have taken more than I did, sorry, Kenny. I know you wanted to see how everyone looked, but I had my hand on a beer and wasn't thinking about pictures while strolling down memory lane.

I saw Kerry Wortzel, he is a lawyer in Richmond now and works for the prosecutors office. He has two kids and a wife, I got to meet her at the last reunion, and I must say, Kerry did good. :)

I saw Matt Grace, he was in high spirits. He is still married to the former Paige Geiger and they live in North Carolina. No kids, and I got the impression that he wanted to stay a DINK (Double Income No Kids). I didn't ask about his brothers, I hope they are doing well.

I ran into Kim Elmendorf, she looked good, too. We called Didi who lives in Pittsburgh and is a few weeks away from having her fourth child. I reminded Kim that they used to drive by our house and call us on the phone hundreds of times, this was before we knew this behavior as stalking, like we do today. (Don't you remember when stalking was still innocent and funny?)

When we called Didi, I almost hung up on her, that would have been funny! But I didn't, we talked a few minutes and it was nice to hear her. Kim had twins that were premies, once is tough as nails and the other is a momma's boy. She adores them both for who they are.

Lisa Reeder and Andy Benson all moved to the west coast, San Diego and live a few houses away from eachother. Lisa said that Karen Bunnel turned out to be a lesbian, this explains alot, why Kenny and her never hooked up and why she dated a sensitive guy with long hair. Who figured? I kid, I kid, I kid cause I love.

Scott Bell works for a Defense contractor doing tech stuff. He still looks like he could front a rock band.

I ran into Kathleen Fredericks sister and she said her sis is still single. Just a little info in case the wife gets to thinking she's too hot for you, Ken. :) I keed, I keed, I keed cause I love! :)

Teri O'Shea looked great, Stephanie Chong and Katie Adair also looked great. We all chatted a few minutes and they asked about Kenny. I wish I had brought a button that gave Kenny's stats, cause every person asked how he was doing and what he was up to. I got it down to a science by the end of the night.

I talked with The Mills sisters and Jennifer complimented Kenny and myself on how we were always nice guys and always gentlemen and how that is a hard thing to find these days. So I guess the Mills sisters didn't know us very well... I kid...

I ran into a girl that introduced me to her hus=band and then brought up that we played spin the bottle waaaay back. Uncomfortable moment, uncomfortable moment. tick, tock, tick. Um, I added that it wasn't me, it was Kenny. I could see her husband relax his shoulders. Then I excused myself and got the fuck out of there cause I think it was me.

I saw Bill McNulty, he patted my head and said us bald guys have to stick together. I'm not bald, I'm follically challenged.

I talked to Jackie Dilliensager, Rod Paredo and Maureen Delaney, who recounted that she saw that car that hit me when I was in fifth grade and she still thinks about it.

I saw Amy Knight and she looked great, she has a 9 month old now, and she still looked great. I also ran into the former Michelle McGuirk, she has kids that go to the grade-school near where I live and drives by my house every day, of course she didn't know it until we talked for a few minutes.

Kevin, Mike and Sean put together a very nice tribute to John Wagner with music and a running slideshow and pictures. I spent a few minutes with Johns memories in the room that was set aside for memorials. Ironically, he probably would have hated to go to this thing. I wish I could have had a last beer with him.

I keep up with the others like Kevin, Sean and Mike. They all live within ten miles of each other and see each other way more than I see them. I should definitely make an effort to see them more, time is too short.

Wow, twenty years. Where does the time go?


snowelf said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend, but so happy to hear about what a great reunion you had!

Someone married to you is going to have to inform me when we get to our 20th year one! hehehe! ;)


MommaBlog said...

Hey who are all those old people?