Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sunday Night Football

As I am writing this, the Skins have just won their game against the Bears in a game that can only be described as sloppy. Well, now that I have had a chance to catch up and blog, I thought I would tell all about the Skins/Indianapolis game that happened the week earlier.

Jim was out of town, so Bill asked if I wanted to go to the game with him. Jim and Bill usually go and have season tickets. This was a real treat, a Sunday night game that was nationally televised and an opponent like Manning, who is in my opinion, the best quarterback in the game.

We left early (about 4:30) because the week before Bill had taken the Metro and they decided to do track maintenance on the track the day of the game, so anyone going to the game would have to get off at once stop, shuffle onto a bus, drive to the next Metro station, get off and continue their journey until they reached the end of the line at the Stadium.

So this time, Bill decided to go a little early and buy a parking pass. Our first try on Arena Drive was a guy that wanted $80 for a parking pass. I said we had $40 and that was it. He scoffed. I told him it wasn't a negotiation - I got $40 so let's not play around. I reminded him that in only an hour or so, that piece of paper was nearly worthless. He says $60, I say $40. We drove away and as we look in the rear view mirror, he is waiving us to come back. Too late, we were on a one way street.

Note to others, never negotiate with someone on a one way street because once they drive off, they are gone and can't come back. He should have taken the $40.

We end up going to the Metro station parking lot and leaving it there by paying $25 for parking, a steal compared to "Mr. $80".

The game was great, back and forth, but never led in the game. We had a critical stop late in the fourth and had a shot at winning or at least tying it up, but fell short. It was a great game anyway and it was a fun time. So kudos to Jim for going on vacation and Bill for thinking of me.

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