Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I did something a little different this year by actually carving INTO the pumpkin for the design. It took me three times as long, so I see why people don't do it this way that much, its a PITA (Pain In The Ass). I am also going to get a brighter light for that one since it barely shows the design if I place a candle in there. I am thinking a 40 watt light build might do it.

Jack asked me a dozen times, "when we gonna carve the pumpkins?", so when I finally do, he doesn't want to scoop out the guts or seeds, doesn't want to cut into the pumpkin or help clean up. Ten minutes later, he is off playing with toys.

I finished, but since Kate was out at a Pampered Chef party at Laurens, nobody was there to take pictures of me digging the guts out of those pumpkins. The slimy insides are a right of passage for every father, cause nobody wants that job.

So here are this years designs.

I am already planning how I am going to dispose of these later. Last year I did it with an M-80, the year before I ran over them with my car. This year I am going to find a three or four story building and drop them off while recording it on video. Of course I will post it.

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