Saturday, October 16, 2010

Amos Duncan

Amos Duncan passed away late last week, Mom said it was a heart attack. Apparently he went quick and probably didn't feel much pain. Amos married my maternal grandmother and is the only grandfather I have ever known. Mom's father (Rabbit) never made much of an effort to get to know us, I met him maybe three times in my life.

Amos was a kind, but irascible man who met Mema while serving in the Navy. He didn't have any children, but treated all of us as well and showed us all about farm life. We spent almost every summer in Oklahoma and learned a lot of things about farm animals, which was really neat for kids from the city.

He taught us how to drive at the age of 8, made homemade ice cream and cheese, blew a concrete bridge up with dynamite and got us BB guns to shoot the sparrows that were eating the chicken feed. Every Summer was always an adventure.

Amos, Mema and the three kids in 1975.

Amos showing me how to milk blackie, the cow.

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