Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cox Farms

Jack and Kate.

Kate and I have started a tradition with Jack in the last few years. We take a half day in the middle of October and go out to Cox Farms where they have plenty of kid (and grown-up) stuff to do. Slides, food, pumpkins, goats, pigs, cows, hayrides, stuff to climb on and Cornundrum.

We have done this the last two years and Jack loves it. He has gotten into the huge slides and getting to pick out a pumpkin at the end. We got two this year.

The goats are always fun, you can get an ice cream cone with feed in it for $1 and feed the goats. Some of them are pushy and I saw a few lock horns after fighting over who gets to be fed, but they are approachable and don't mind a pet or two.

Jack and a little goat.

The pigs smell to high heaven. There was a momma pig that had a brood of about 8 piglets she was feeding and if you walked by, you would get knocked over by the smell.

How big is Jack this year as opposed to last year?

There was a horse stable that had two horses in it. They were friendly or so we thought. They just wanted some feed from one of the staff who stopped by while we were there. Nearby there was a stall of calves that were probably only a month old, their Mom was close by, but they were in their own stable resting.

Me and one of the horses at Cox Farms.

We did the hay ride again this year and Cornundrum (A big maze cut out in a corn field) that also had little things you could walk through like a tiki cave and a swamp, complete with stuffed alligators.

You can find all kinds of surprises in the Cornundrum.

A good time for only a few bucks.

Plenty of picture-taking opportunities.

One of the many slides at Cox Farms. This one went underground and had bumps all the way down.

(A side note: while entering the place, we paid for tickets to get in, clearly marked as $9 for each person. Of course the group in front of us is having a hard time and holding up the entire line because one lady would not believe that it cost $9. [Maybe she was trying to negotiate] So finally she walks all the way back and looks at the sign, clearly saying that its $9 to get in. But she must have argued with that poor girl for three minutes while everyone waited for her to "get it".

Some people are dense. She made everyone behind her wait because she could not accept the simple concept of paying a fair price to enter - she paid and got in anyway. Next time don't pay and don't go, lady. If you are THAT against paying that much, don't make a stink, just don't go - its not a negotiation)

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