Monday, January 18, 2010

The Zoo

I thought at any moment that the anaconda was gonna grab onto this woman and I was going to get footage of some horrible tragic incident in which an anaconda tries to devour a helper at the National Zoo.

No big deal, they just hung out by the door, waiting to be let back in. It was like 50 degrees out and they were essentially naked, so I could hardly blame them. Not much of a show, but they are huge, so that counts for a lot.

These little guys were huddled in a mass next to the window. They had a 15 foot by 15 foot enclosure to run around in and they just hung onto eachother next to the window. I think they did it for warmth, not because they were scared.

This is Tai Shan, "butter stick" he was called when he was born because he wasnt much bigger than a stick of butter. Isn't mcuh to look at, he is like any teenager, sits around and sleeps a lot. This should have been a picture, because he didn't move from that spot for as long as we were there.

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