Monday, January 18, 2010

Pizza with the Cousins

Abbie and the kids were in town last week and we decided to meet up in Bethesda at a place called the "Plazeum", which is a fun house for kids. If you haven't been out among a bunch of kids, the names are all pretentious I think there were four Dylans or one that needed constant attention, cause that's all I heard. "Dyan, come over her, look at this, Dylan, did you see the fire truck, Dylan, do you want to see the bunnies?"

The place is basically a converted office with specific rooms for play, one was a mini zoo with bunnies and fish, another was a rompus room, complete with a set of drums, another room was set up like a mini grocery store, complete with boxes of stuff.

It was $5 a head to get in, but it was also crowded and wasn't made for parents to interact. Probably won't go back.

Afterward we went for pizza at a cute pizza place across the street. The kids had a good tome and had enough room to interact with each other without the interference from other kids. The adults could relax and spread out a little too. Did I mention the pizza was good?

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