Monday, January 25, 2010

Train Show

We went to the Chantilly Expo Center on Sunday to see the Train Show, which Grandma Fritz told us about the week before (Thanks for the tip!).

We took our neighbor Eric and his oldest son Olie along with us and the boys had a great time. It was huuuge, lots of vendors, lots of trains of different types and sizes and lots of set-ups. Some of these guys just travel around with their train set-ups and just like to run them. They are big kids in every sense of the term.

There were just as many old guys there as young kids. I was amazed at the energy level, like a concert with all the noise and confusion and people and lights. Two hours was enough though. It was overwhelming for Olie who basically shut down after all that.

Boys and trains, like magnets.

I did get some good little movies of different kinds of train set-ups:

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