Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Read the Fine Print

So I got an email alert telling me that someone commented on my "Why My Local Subway Sucks" posting from back in February of 2008. This has been the most active post and most commented upon post for some reason. I guess I hit a nerve or something with the subject. This guys comments struck me as odd because he didn't really have a point except to comment on how dumb I am.

I love the internet, where any hipster doofus can have a voice.

Doofus commented:
"What 1950s-era bomb shelter did you crawl out of? Ever hear of "fine print"? It's that small for a reason! Also, why the hell are you eating at Subway -- it's barely a step above school lunch."

Here is a picture of said Doofus:

And here is my response:


hmmm said...

He wears a fedora because he thinks he's original and harps on other people about their food choices because he thinks he is better than everyone else. He surfs the internet on a hourly basis and owns an iphone which he uses while he drives aggressively. He goes to websites that get 10 hits a day to make inane comments about other peoples opinions because it makes him feel superior to others and because he is a control freak. He does not have a girlfriend or a car. He has a job in a cubicle but all of his coworkers make fun of him behind his back. His employer will be cutting jobs soon and he will be one of the first to go because his boss thinks he is a an arrogant moron. Ironically the hipster douchebag thinks his boss it the moron. HD is not nearly as bright as he thinks he is. He also saves up his vacation each year to attend Dragoncon, but he does not talk about it because this is one on his many shameful secrets. Pity hipster douchebag he is sad, he is lonely and he is so empty.

hmmm said...

Oh yeah his other avatar shows him making duck face. Because he is a douchebag.