Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Trip to SC (Part 1)

We took a few days to go visit Grandma and Tino (Papu) in South Carolina this last week. Sh suggested we come down for Halloween a while back and so we decided to visit. We left in the Wednesday before Halloween and got back Sunday evening.

The first night we got there we just had some dinner and relaxed since the drive was so long. Kate drove all the way there so she was a little tired, but energized when she saw her Mom. Jack is usually cautious of people when at first, but warmed up quick after we got there and settled in.

Grandma got some tickets for the Fair that happens each year about this time so we planned on going to that the next day, opening day. Turned out to be a great plan because it wasn't too crowded and we got to do a lot of stuff.

A little background; Kate has been harping on me about elephant ears. Ever since I go one of those funnel cakes at the Celebrate Fairfax Fair this summer she has insisted that elephant ears are superior. Well, now your in my wheel-house, baby, cause I consider myself a real judge of good (bad for you) food. Its fried, check. Its covered in sugar, check. Its a dough, check. What's not to like?

We ate at the Fair cause they had every food under the sun that you are not to stuff yourself with; funnel cakes, pizza, lemonade, hot dogs, corn dogs, chicken on a stick and all kinds of other fair fare.

I had some of the elephant ear and its good. It tasted the same as a funnel cake, but just shaped different. If I tasted both blindfolded, I probably could not tell the difference. Mmmm, powdered sugar...

There were also rides and other attractions, I took plenty of pictures since there was so much going on. It wasn't hard o find something new to stimulate Jacks little mind. Animals, Rides, Food, Toys and Lights. He had a great time.

At first he didn't want to ride anything, the choo-choo train, the spinning monkeys, the motorcycles. We went to the petting zoo and saw some goats and sheep, a zebra, some sort of gazelle, a mini brahma bull, a donkey and ducks. Just outside that area was the elephant, which you could ride for a few bucks. So I rode it. Kate wasn't interested and neither was Jack, but I had never ridden an elephant before and figured that the chances of getting to ride one were slim in the near future.

Yee Haw!

Look, its a monkey riding an elephant!

After that we went to see the show elephants perform their show. We got settled in the stands and sat for a total of about 10 minutes and he decided that he had enough. He was already bored - the mind of a two year-old.

We went to get some food for him (chicken fingers and fries) since he was a little grumpy and that perked him up. Next we went to the Agriculture building and saw a lot of farm animals; Bulls, Chickens, Bunnies, Pigs, Horses and Ponies and Goats.

Here is the biggest Bunny I have ever seen. I think at the size that it was, its no longer a bunny, but a "Huge Hare". The picture doesn't show the size of this thing, but trust me when I say that it was huuuuge, like pumped up on 'roids. Roid-Bunny. I would estimate that it weighed in at 30 pounds. Bigger than a house cat, for sure.

In one of the other cages there was the velveteen rabbit, which was bred for no other reason than to have some huge ears. Drooped over they were so long and heavy, they flopped on the cage floor. Reminded me of Dumbo, but as a rabbit.

This part of the Ag building was starting to resemble some sort of animal Freak-Fest, but then the rest of the animals were of much better proportion and weight. (except for the shetland pony, which is smaller than my 65 pound labrador, sorry, no picture)

Kate an Jack pose for a pic in the Ag building while looking at the baby goats.

There was a display of Quails birds, from egg to adulthood on display and Jack enjoyed seeing the baby quail chicks.

(End of Part 1)

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