Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Haircut

We have been wanting to get Jack a haircut for the last two months, but something always comes up, The line is waaaay too long, its too late or Grandma (Kate's Mom) wants to see him before he gets it cut. (She's a fan of the shaggy look)

So I took him in to the Mall and he's fine, I tell him we are going to get his hair cut, which he is not a fan of, but he gets to watch Thomas the Train while he gets it cut and they give him a sucker. He seems OK with this arrangement, until we actually step through the door and steps out. He doesn't want to do it. I ask him about his fear, reason with him, bargain, reminding him about the free lollipop.

He softens a little, but then backs out again. Crying and carrying on like we are taking an ear too.

I take him away from the store, we walk around to a place that has a few sitting areas and we sit. I try to explain to him all about what s involved, I would never let anyone hurt him or that he gets to see Thomas. I tell him I will buy him a small Thomas train at the toy store if he gets a haircut, but he still doesn't want to do it.

At this point, its hard to keep his attention, cause he won't look at me in the eye because of all the other stimuli around the Mall, the signs that blink, twinkle and move. I realize that I have only a few minutes before the 2-year-old decides to be a 2-year-old and throw a real fit. I ask him real nice and remind him of how he also would not let me cut his toe nails one time and that after 10 minutes of convincing, he eventually let me and that after that, we never had a problem.

He looks at me and says OK. We go in and get his hair cut and we are out in 15 minutes. I keep reminding him that every time he gets a haircut that its like that, he gets a sucker, gets to watch Thomas and nothing bad happens.

Hopefully the lesson will stick this time.

Here's the "not-so-sure-whats-happening" look that I snapped while he was in the chair, I had to sit with him and he would not wear the smock.

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MommaBlog said...

I usually have the same look on my face when I get my hair cut. I don't blame him. I hate getting my hair cut to. The women are bitchy and they never get it quite the way I wanted to.