Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Range

On the second day, Tino took me to the range and we shot off 200-300 rounds of 22s. I got to shoot a Rugar Mark 1 and a Mark 2. We practiced on silhouette targets and I did pretty good. Only one shot missed the silhouette and that was at 15 meters. It was also after the gun jammed and I had to clear it. I hate when that happens, but it only happened once during the whole time.

I got several Xs, a few dozen 8s and 9s mostly. Good groupings of about a fist, so I was tight with all my shots, even at 12-15 meters.

While I was watching Tino shoot I hear "bambambambambambambambam" in a very quick succession. You are not supposed to rapid fire your weapon at a range, its stupid and dangerous. Frankly its a waste cause it doesn't make you a better shot.

One of the instructors looks over and I see him roll his eyes.

Its some short fella (5' if that) with a very big gun (.45) and his target is not a silhouette but an image of a middle eastern-looking man holding an AK-47. This is not the type of person that responsible gun owners would point to as a good example. But this is the type of person that gets a lot of the press as far as gun owners.

Welcome to South Carolina.


Lauren said...

You know, if you ever want to go shooting, just give us a call.

Johnny said...

I may take you up on that. Its something I hadn't done in a while but wouldn't mind doing every few months just to keep my skills up.