Monday, January 9, 2012

Pink Eye and the $405,000 gallon of Gold

I got a call at lunchtime today from Jacks school saying that he had pink eye. So I went and picked him up and got a sick visit to the Doctor scheduled. We get an appointment for 2:40.

So having two hours to kill, I took Jack into work with me for an hour so I could try and finish a project I have been working on for a few weeks and got it to a place where it could be given to someone else to look over.

During this time, it started to snow, so every half-wit driver in the DC area loses about 28 IQ points on average.

The Doctor says that it is Conjunctivitis (pink eye) and writes a prescription.

Rush back to the grocery store to get the prescription filled, all the while trying to avoid all the idiot drivers along the way.

The pharmacist can't get the prescription to ring up. The new insurance card from Aetna (not glad I met you) is not working.the card has the primary policy holder name on it, and the names of the three dependents; Me, Jack and Emma. But the insurance doesn't recognize that we exist somehow. So it won't fulfill the prescription. I just tell the guy after ten minutes of this that I'll just pay for it and be on my way, it's $107.


"OK, that shut me up", I say, "please continue with the card". He keeps trying but it's futile, Aetnas system refuses to recognize that the three dependents on the card they issued to those three dependents are not covered.

I end up paying for the eye drops and will sort this out later and hopefully get them to reimburse me for the $107.

The drops seem to be working ( they better be!) but I figured that if you had a gallon of this stuff it would be worth $405,000.

I'm in the wrong business. I should be either in Insurance where people pay you and you refuse to act as if they exist or in medicine where a drop of some magical liquid is selling for $400,000 a gallon.

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