Monday, January 16, 2012

The 1st Pickle

So we went out to eat for some dinner tonight, nothing fancy, the Corner Bakery in Fair Oaks Mall. Kate got a salad and Jack and myself had sandwiches. The sandwiches had pickles and Kate decided to let Emma try one for the first time. This age is filled with first times and we are really expanding her food choices almost daily. She is a big bread fanatic; pancakes, sandwich bread, donuts, crackers, you name it.

Well, getting back to the pickle, I whipped out my camera phone and caught it. To my surprise, we got the look that we thought we would get, but we also got her as she really muscled through it and kept eating it because she liked it. This same thing happened a few weeks before with cantaloupe, not surprising because it was sweet I guess.

Anyway, it was surprising that she likes that sour taste enough to continue. Interesting to watch her discover this new experience. I love watching her.

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