Monday, May 31, 2010

Strawberry Picking

One of the great things about Jack's Daycare is that they plan fun things to do, sometimes they invite parents along, like this week. They had a trip planned to a farm for some strawberry picking. I went along since Kate had him all last week in South Carolina and so I wanted some quality time too.

It started out in the morning and everyone had t put on their orange vests. Imagine a bunch of toddlers wearing little orange vests, it was like a small cult of kids.

We boarded a bus and drove out about 45-50 minutes, into the deep woods just shy of the blue ridge mountains. We exited the bus and there was a small stable with a small horse and a big one. So we took the kids over to show them the horses. One turned out to be a small pony and the other was a male horse. The pony would approach the fence, but the horse stayed back.

Jack and the Horse.

Jack and Jason and the Pony.

After that, we got some little baskets that we could fill up with strawberries and we shown the field where we could pick to our hearts content.

The people who run the farm had a few dogs and one of them, a Cairn Terrier, loved all the attention from the kids. The kids loved that dog, too.

Jack liked running up and down the rows after picking a few and left me to finish filling the basket. He was more interested in running up and down the rows, racing Alexander or Mason.

After I filled up one basket, I went back and bought another for just us and filled that one up. I figured we could make some smoothies.


Jack with the Stawberries.

Jack picking Strawberries.

Jack working the field.

Strawberry Fields.

The Smoothie.

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