Monday, May 17, 2010

Clemynjontri Park

We met Lisa and the kids (Joe Jr. and Beckett) last Saturday at the park so the boys could play. They have so much to do at that park, so the kids get tired before we have seen everything. The weather was hot that day so the boys got pretty sweaty quickly by running all over the place.

Jack loves to run on the race course they have and is always challenging me to a race. He gets really upset if I beat him in a race, so I hold back a bit. He also likes the maze and loves to get lost, even when he isn't.

Joe and Beckett have their favorites, Joe liked the carousel, but Jack didn't want to get on and ride for some reason. He did enjoy watching us go a round and round, though.

We had a quick lunch and let the boys play for another 30 minutes before we could tell they were getting tired. He slept for three hours after we got home, so we know he was tuckered out.

Joe and Beckett on the Carousel.

Joe and Beck.

Jack Skipping.

Beckett in the funny mirror.


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