Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thanks, But I Didn't Need Your Help

I spent about two hours cleaning off the driveway this morning and then went to clear off the rest during the late afternoon. I had just finished clearing off the end of the driveway when two snow plows rolled by and delivered a three foot wall of new snow across the end of the driveway. If I had only known they were going to do that, I could have saved myself a bit of energy and time.

Before: Notice the clear driveway. I cleared the other six inches off that fell the next day.

My driveway after they cleared the road, while also blocking my driveway.

I recorded it when they came back by the other side of the road, doing the same to my neighbors. This makes three times I have cleared the driveway by the street.

When they cleared the road on the other side:

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